5 amazing ways to hear the voice of God. He wants to speak to you!

voice of God
Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice. But how do you know God is speaking to you? These 5 ways will help you to uncover His will!

The Word
God loves to speak to His children. He has the world for you, and He is the Word. When you read the Bible, Holy Spirit can inspire you and use a passage to talk to you. It is amazing when the ancient
book starts talking to you. You get your very own scriptures, and they build up your faith. So, pray and ask the Lord to reveal His will through His Word.
Prophetic word
God uses other people to talk to us. He did it of old. He used prophets to declare His will to His people Israel. However, it’s the best to hear Him directly. Still, prophesying brothers and sisters can encourage you in your faith and revelations. Keep in mind that everything the prophet says has to fall in line with the Bible. And with the revelations, you personally got from the Lord Jesus.
Unlike the Old Testament oracles, church prophets cannot be the only source of the word and voice of God in your life. So, if you are running around trying to “get a word” from them. Stop it and focus on your personal relations with Jesus.
At times, when we fail to hear God in our hearts, He uses situations to direct us in life. God loves working through a crisis. Many a time something that starts as a trouble, ends up in His glory. So, pay attention and playfully mediate on the situations that happen in your life.
Voice in your heart
Holy Spirit loves to talk to believers. Just a few of us hear the audible voice, but we all can take heed and listen to that quiet voice in our heart. It comes as a thought or an urge, or even as an emotion. Just remember it always has to fall in line with the written Word of God.
Miracles and answered prayers
Where God guides, He provides. He answers those prayers that fall in line with His will and perfect timing.
As you may see, God speaks to people, and He wants to be heard. So, do the right thing on your side and be attentive!

5 amazing ways to hear the voice of God. He wants to speak to you! 5 amazing ways to hear the voice of God. He wants to speak to you! Reviewed by BOMI THOMAS on 22:32 Rating: 5

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