Church members throw out pastor during service in Lagos

Members of Christ Apostolic Church in Abule-Ijesha, Yaba , Lagos State, gave Shawn Michael and Triple H a run for their money after Sunday service was disrupted and they threw out their pastor, Pastor Michael Oni.
The normal program had started with rendering of different worship songs by all in attendance, until an unnamed man mounted the podium to disrupt the day’s activities. This unholy act ended in a brawl over disagreements
on the disbursement of church funds and the pastor's monthly salary.

A church member, Badejo Adelu accused the pastor of instigating the members against themselves and also taking away money belonging to the church without approval. "He has been giving the church problem, causing chaos in the church and fighting members, insulting and raising bad covenant between members", he told TVC

A member of the church who displayed the transfer letter of the pastor, Olusegun Omotajo gave the account of the real cause of brawl and disagreement in the church.

He said the pastor was transferred to their church from leadership of the church in Ibadan, Oyo State. He said the letter showed that the pastor was a level 7 step one officer but the pastor insisted on receiving the salary of a level 9 step nine officer.

He said the church who wanted peace further decided to pay the pastor as a level 8 step one officer and then paid his January to March salary in May, but this the said pastor did not still agree with them.

In his defence, the accused, Pastor Micheal Oni said all he demanded was the involvement of his attention in the church’s account running. He said even though they failed to show him account activities of the church prior to his arrival, but they are yet to show him the account since he took over the pastoral duties in the church.

Pastor Michael Oni
"I asked them that I want to see the account of the church which they failed to render. I told them they should not spend any money without approval by me, they refused", he explained.

He said he had ordered them to stop all spending involving the church till issues are been taken care of from the leadership of the church in Ibadan, Oyo State.
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