my husband wants sex everyday. Here's her story!

Before you read this, guys - I know lots of people will say our reader involved here should thank her God that her husband finds her attractive or that she should give him what he wants so he doesn't go out and mess around with another woman
Mbok, search your heart and give a more thoughtful response. You can continue now.. thank you.
I am a mother of one. When hubby and I were courting, we were probably having sex everyday (I didn't notice, lol) cos I was carried away with d love and togetherness. I remember in my first trimester, hubby wanted to "do" one night and I was like "but you did it yesterday na" and he replied "so? Oh so you're counting it for me abi?" Lol. 
Fast forward to after I delivered our baby, I noticed my libido dropped (infact, crashed!)
and the urge for sex was zero! I complained to a doctor and he said it's because I'm breastfeeding and the hormones responsible for stimulation is suppressed because it's the same hormones that's responsible for producing breast milk and so it focuses more on the latter.
 I explained to  Hubby and he kinda tried to be understanding abt it, but kept chasing me upandan in the house whenever he's horny, lol. Infact he sexually harrassed me. Lmao.
I stopped breastfeeding about 3 months ago, yet my libido has not returned. 
The worst part is that hubby now wants sex everyday. Chai. I've tried so many tactics to run away from it but no way. Sometimes I will put our baby in d middle of d bed, n lie down, d next thing I see is hubby will shift him to d side of d bed, and jump down beside, and I'm like "baby what is it, why are you moving him to the side?" 
He will reply "I want to make love". My heart skips wen I hear it, n it feels like it wanna jump outta my mouth. You know how it feels wen your heart just does 'fiam'. 
My neighbour who also has a kid came up to my apartment on Saturday, one thing led to
another and we started discussing this issue. She opened up to me and told me what she is going through which is exactly my own case too. 
And so I wonder. 
Is it normal for first time mothers to have this experience? Is it as a result of d Vjayjay delivery, mayb d pressure around d area..... 
Is it normal for couples to have sex everyday biko? Hian. What's your take?
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