I was told I can't marry my fiance because of his mother

Good day Laila, Hope you are doing okay? As you read this, my heart bleeds. Please help me share this with my fellow Lailans, I need someone to talk to..
My boyfriend's mother has sworn I'll never be her daughter in law.
I met my boyfriend through a friend last year January and we started dating three months later, April 2015. I am from Edo state, I'm 31, he is Igbo, 34 years
old. He is actually from a broken home. Parents have been separated ever since he was 5 years old, 
To my boyfriend, his biggest fear is to have a crashed marriage just like his parents. He grew up with his mother and they are very close. So before we even went to visit her so that she can meet me for the first time, I knew I needed to make a great impression. 

We went, we had a great evening. This woman welcomed me, did not show any sign of dislike towards me, she was the perfect host. I also liked her. I was on my best behaviour, I didn't wear any anything provocative. 

We talked about where I'm from, religion, everything was well, she didn't complain about my ethnicity. Nothing. I only noticed she will ask me a question, I will reply and she will say ok. She will ask another question, I will reply, she will say ok again. You know.

This meeting was in February this year. I met her one more time in May. My boyfriend and I had started planning for our wedding on our own before we went to meet his mum but I noticed that after that first visit, he went cold about our marriage plans. 

Initially, I took it to mean nothing until the time I told him I would love to meet his mum again. I noticed this hesitation before he told me she wasn't going to be at home. She's in Lagos o but that she was busy.

Today is August 1st, my boyfriend told me this morning that his mother says I can't be her daughter in law! That it will be over her dead body.

That, out of her 4 sons, (my boyfriend is the youngest), that none of them married outside the tribe and that she knows he too will not go against their tradition.
I was devastated. I just stood there speechless, not knowing what to say.
He added that his mother said she can't live to see him marry from another tribe. That unless he wants to kill her just like his father who abandoned her with them when they were still young and married another woman, you won't believe this, that is from Edo state!
 I didn't even know when I burst into tears this morning. What?! I am about to lose a relationship I I have sacrificed my life for because my father-in-law to-be is now married to a woman from my state.
I just fell on my knees, begging my man to take me to his mum so I can beg her. She doesn't even want to see me again from what he told me.. His mother has a deep hatred for her husband's wife and she passed it on to me.
I died this morning. 
Where do I start from?
source: laila`sblog
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