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Unbelievable! Man Abandons Wife & Marries His Mother- In-Law After Falling In Love With Her (Photo)

A man has done the unthinkable by abandoning his wife and running off and marrying his mother-in-law after falling in love with her.
Suraj Mahto and the mother-in-law have now realized their stupidness
A man who shocked many in India by leaving his wife and marrying his mother-in-law has now realized his foolishness and filed for divorce.
The man identified as Suraj Mahto, 22, came to limelight after he abandoned his wife Lalita and married her mother, 42-year-old Asha Devi. According to reports, the unusual affair began when Mrs Devi came to stay with the couple in the village of Puraini in the impoverished state
of Bihar last year.
It was gathered that Devi looked after Mr Mahto when he became ill and they fell in forbidden love. After the mother-in-law returned home, he would call her and they would talk for hours on the phone and would also visit her at her home.
When Lalita found out about the affair she told her mother to stay away but she refused; even the girl’s father could not do anything to stop the forbidden affair.
Even though everyone in the village frowned at the forbidden love, the couple eloped and married on June 1 this year in nearby Dhamdaha. Two months on the couple have both realised they have made a crazy mistake. 
The Gulf News reported that Mr Mahto said: ‘I have come to realise my folly now. I admit I have committed the mistake but will never repeat in future. 

‘Now, I no longer treat her as my wife. Rather, I have started paying her regard as a mother.’
He said he would go on bended knee and beg Lalita to have him back. The couple have a son together. 
Mrs Devi is also seeking to undo her actions. 
She said of Mr Mahto: ‘No longer do I treat him as my husband but as a son-in-law. We have already a filed divorce petition in the court and I want to return to my husband as soon as possible.’

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