2015 Lagos State Baby-of-the-year survives another heart surgery (photos)

Little miss Oluwajomiloju Goodness Ogundimu, who won the 2015 Baby-of-the-year in Lagos State, has just returned from India after undergoing another successful heart surgery. Ogundimu, who was diagnosed with a heart defect at birth, lost her mother Sherifat, a chartered accountant four minutes after her delivery.

Her grandmother, Alhaja Afolake Ogunnoiki, brought her to Alausa yesterday to thank Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for sponsoring the child for the surgery. She said:
“Before we could not go for the second operation, the child (Oluwajomiloju) was not doing well like in the past. If she eats, she would vomit. I spent all I had on various medical tests.
“I discovered that she was not growing and developing normally. After one year, I was praying to God not to allow Governor Ambode forget us. Then I got a call that we were going to India for an operation, it was like I won a lottery because I had nobody except God.
“In India, we were supposed to spend only three (3) days, we discovered that the child had developed tissue again, which is another hole in the heart. I became so perplexed because I don’t know anybody in India, but I was assured by the doctors there.
“But I am amazed and full of thanks because as the Governor was called, he gave his approval within 24hours for the operation to be undertaken. We were there for eight days.
“I am just a child of an ordinary farmer. I am not a politician; I don’t know both Governor Ambode and his wife personally. I have never met them personally; I have only seen them on pages of newspapers and television screens.”
She said the child will be due for another surgery in August next year saying that the doctors have assured that it would be the last operation to finally correct the heart defect.
“I am appealing to Governor Akinwunmi Ambode because that would be the third and final operation. I saw others who also came and had theirs.
“The child was named Oluwajomiloju when she was six months old in the womb by her late mother. She is Governor Ambode and Mrs. Ambode’s daughter, God only said I should be the one to nurse her for them.”
2015 Lagos State Baby-of-the-year survives another heart surgery (photos) 2015 Lagos State Baby-of-the-year survives another heart surgery (photos) Reviewed by BOMI THOMAS on 06:25 Rating: 5

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