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My Life Is Ruined, I’ve Been Rendered Homeless – Journalist Wanted For Boko Haram Video Slams FG

Nigerian journalist, Ahmad Salkida on Tuesday accused the Nigerian government of rendering him homeless, saying his life is in real danger.
Nigerian journalist, Ahmad Salkida, who made major healines few weeks ago after he was declared wanted by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government over an exclusive video he obtained from Boko Haram, has accused the Nigerian government of rendering him homeless, saying he felt duped into speaking well of the government after he was declared wanted by the Army.
Below is what he wrote on Twitter;
"What kind of Govt will declare a citizen wanted for doing nothing but journalism, ruined my life and that of my family. Govt just said it was a misunderstanding, but to hell with you, you are on your own. What kind of Govt will do this to a harmless patriotic citizen?

"My life is ruined, I have been rendered homeless, I have been told that I have NO rights at all, my family is scared, my crime is journalism.

"I have been silent, I have given leaders the benefit of doubt, but now it is time to fight back while I can. My life is in DANGER!!!!

"The last one month has been one of the most difficult in my life, the threat to my life is more serious than what is in the public domain.

"I was made to say all was well. I thought they were going to undo what they have done, but it’s clear the plot is to ruin my life completely,” Mr. Salkida said on Twitter moments ago.
Salkida’s comment elicited mostly sympathetic reactions from Nigerians. A human rights activist and social critic, Kayode Ogundamisi, said Salkida committed a “big mistake” when he came out to “cover up” for government.

“We all knew it was highly unlikely that the Nigerian security agencies or soldiers, for that matter, would treat someone they’ve been looking for in such a nice manner as painted by Mr. Salkida after his release. 

"Even if he were, he shouldn’t have come out in that blistering way. I have not seen a naive action of such a scale in a long time,” Ogundamisi said. 
Ogundamisi said Salkida was now trapped in the country and at risk of being abducted by Boko Haram, or even face worse ordeals.
“Let’s face it, this gentleman came to Nigerian on an emergency travel certificate,” Mr. Ogundamisi said. “Not only would it be very difficult for him to travel out of the country again to meet his family, he would also have to start spending his days watching his back because Boko Haram would most likely be on his trail.”

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