Oh No! Political Parties Allegedly Sharing N2k Each to Buy Votes in Edo Election

The election in Edo State is turning into another thing as a recent report revealed that some political parties are buying votes from electorates in public.
According to a report by Premium Times, some political parties in Edo Sstate are sharing N2,000 each to buy votes from voters even with the heavy security presence at some polling units in Edo State.
According to the report, it was discovered that a crowd of young men were seen distributing cash to influence voting in the early hours of Wednesday at Igueke community, in Orhiowon local government area of Edo State.
The report revealed that some of the voters at unit 26 and 27 in Iduenbo Ward first meet the distributor and get their own cash before joining the queue to vote. In fact, according to findings, the practice is done in the open and people are happy about it.
For example, the report revealed that in Auchi, Etsakor West local government, cash was distributed openly to voters. The voters are first given N1000 before queuing. They got a balance of N1000 after voting for the candidate who paid the money.
An election observer is quoted as saying: “As I speak to you now, they are doing it and as I talk to you, they are hearing me talking to you about,” he said.
But the Social Democratic Party has lamented the use of funds to buy votes in the election.
Lamenting over the matter, Publicity Secretary of the Social Democratic Party, Oshiobugie Bonvist, said he had observed the buying of votes himself at different polling units.
“The election is very peaceful and orderly except the buying of votes,” Mr. Bonvist said.
“They are sharing N2000 each and I observe that it is the ruling APC that is doing it right now.”
It seems like Nigerians have not learnt their lessons from previous administrations and come to the realization that taking money for votes would only compound the plight of the common masses. Many who indulge in this malpractice are indirectly selling their rights and voting in corrupt politicians who in turn steal and loot money meant for development while trying to recover what they had spent during elections.
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