Omg! Woman Strips Stark N*ked In Public After Quarrel With Husband

Photo by SDE
A woman who was aggrieved with her husband has gone to extreme lengths to show her her anger towards him
A Kenyan woman who was furious that her husband had increasingly become quarrelsome and highhanded, last Thursday evening did the unimaginable, scandalising her children, husband and self.
According to SDE, the woman, in a fit of self-righteous rage after a quarrel, Leah Isigi undressed and stormed out of her house in broad daylight to stage a Nudde protest that left locals in shock.
A neighbour who is familiar with the woman and the goings on of the family said the couple has been having domestic issues and the off-the-wall incident seems to have been the culmination.
Isigi had been a civil servant, but when her seemingly insecure hotelier husband, identified as Felix Langa’t, forced her to resign and become a housewife is when the couple’s woes began.
That a financially independent Isigi who was used to buying personal effects for herself had all of a sudden been reduced to a beggar marked a turning for the marriage.
“Each time she wanted to go to town to run an errand or buy an item, she had to ask for permission and money from her husband or borrow from neighbours,” said Edith cherono, a neighbour who witnessed the drama.
Things had become so tough that her husband, who had increasingly become fussy and sulky, picked a fight almost every evening upon returning from work, even when it was clearly unnecessary.
According to Cherono, when Lang’at was not bickering about the quality of food his wife had cooked, he was yelling and threatening to beat her up for not accounting for all the money he left for the family budget.
“The home had turned into Syria sorts. The fussy man was always kicking a storm and spoiling for a fight, even over the most trivial of stuff,” said Cherono.
But when push came to shove, a frustrated Isigi decided to release the pent up anger and express her displeasure in style, attracting the attention of villagers in the neigbourhood.
In a bid to make her husband change his ways, she protested, laying bare his inadequacies and calling him a dictator who is only short of regulating the oxygen she breathes.
She ran round, shouting to anyone who cared to listen that her quarrelsome husband always B.rags to be a total Kalenjin man, yet he is not even circumcised.
She broadcasted to all and sundry that she is sick and tired of hanging around the home as a housewife, only to be quarreled and called names by her unappreciative husband. She regretted the marriage, claiming that if she only had bus fare, she would be back in her rural home in Western Kenya.
It took the intervention of her equally enraged husband to stop her in a bid to save face. He chased her around, grabbed and forcefully carried her as she kicked and screamed before locking her up in the kitchen.
The woman was brought back her clothes and asked to dress up before an uneasy calm was restored. The situations is said to be volatile, with the marriage now hanging in the balance. 
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