Police arrests man who dressed as a woman to con villagers (photos)

The audacity shown by a con-man has left Bihar’s capital Patna police in awe. This man changed his identity and ran a con-business in the heart of the city.
Born a male, Avinash alias Goldi dressed like a woman and operated as a woman under the false name Monica.

According to DailyMail, Avinash would dress up in colourful saris, donning bindis, fashionable jewelries and applied glossy make up to dodge his clients.

Patna police arrested him after they received a tip-off about a person, who was running a racket at
Rani Ghat in Patna.

The informer also gave a photograph of the person to the police, saying that ‘she is actually a man and not a woman’.

When the police conducted a preliminary inquiry and the information was found to be credible, clad in plain clothes, they raided Avinash’s office and apprehended him.

Police recovered five bottles of liquor, Rs 10,000 in cash, a password protected computer, a colour printer, seals of government officials and several other documents.

Police also seized photographs of Avinash in which he was dressed as Monica wearing saris and salwar suits.

Several video clips of homosexual pornography were found in his mobile phone too.

Avinash ran an office as Monica, which offered various services to his clients who came from the city as well as distant villages.

He smuggled liquor and supplied it to his clients as the government had strictly imposed prohibition throughout the state.

His services included duplicating any kind of identification card and any certificate right from STD X to graduation, post-graduation, diploma, B.Ed, JE, ITI, etc.

He charged according to the needs of the client - ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 20,000.

Avinash told the police that he was doing this ‘business’ for three years and people desperate to go abroad were his target clients.

Police is verifying his claims and examining the documents recovered from him, and have sealed his office.

Avinash told Patna police that he got the idea of changing his identity from a man to a woman to run this racket, during a pilgrimage to Tirupati Balaji.

At this temple in Andhra Pradesh, he saw men offering prayers in the guise of women, police said.

Avinash also had a fake Facebook account in the name of Monica Kumari.

Police are trying to ascertain as to whether Avinash dressed like a woman to defraud his clients or he is a transvestite.

Police said he had disappeared some three years ago, but when he came back, he was a changed man. He began his fraudulent practice around the same time.
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