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12 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Nigerians express their wishes

12 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons have all expressed their wishes on what they want to see, how they want to be treated, and what they want as citizens of Nigeria.

NoStrings recently conducted a ‘wish hunt’ and was able to successfully extract 12 interesting wishes from LGBT Nigerians who in the process used the opportunity to express their hopes, frustrations, and desires.

Read below the 12 entries that were extracted.

  • 1. Anonymous; I wish for a Nigeria were I can get married to the woman of my dreams without fear of being lynched at the wedding venue. I wish for a Nigeria where I can hold my girls hand in public and not get killed or raped for doing so”
  • 2. John Adewoye; I wish we are honest enough to face our reality before our families and friends.
  • 3. Idoh; “I wish someday that LGBT Nigerians would be able to walk freely on the streets without facing any form of abuse and be able to hold hands and kiss in public; I also wish to marry the man I love and be happy”
  • 4. Ryan; “I wish I had an elderly true lover.Dark,strong&caring.Should b 55 yrs n above from any tribe,religion or race living in Abuja”
  • 5. Marhnuwel “I wish to be straight”
  • 6. Naijapikin “I wish for understanding”
  • 7. Curious-Serena “A free Nigeria for we the minority, i really want to live free and comfortably here with my spouse”
  • 8. Okereke “Am sick am tired of it. Sometun am not proud of. I do ask my self if am really having an affair wt my fellow guy. It’s baffles me. I need help. GOD PLS CHANGE ME”
  • 9. Dapo “I dont want to be this anymore”
  • 10. Enoch “I really wish to let go of it but how can I do it were will I start from I need help”
  • 11. Feyishola “I wish for a soul mate that i can embrace my culture with. I wish for her to be a strong, beautiful, yoruba woman like me. I wish for her to be fearless in expressing our love to the world so we can show them what real love looks like”
  • 12. Dami “I wish for a Nigeria, where I can tell the girl of my dreams that I have a crush on her, without fear of being seen as a pervert”

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