Erotic Story: My Boss’ Wife – Nigerian Playboy Narrates S*xual Experienc

A sizzling tale of s*xual experience by a young man well narrated to entertain and satisfy. (This article is rated 18+)
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My boss, Mr James and I were pretty close, we were not like besties or anything, but often times our conversations ventured into non-professional territories.
I liked him a lot as a person, but I had harboured a huge secret from him for years. I had an intense s*xual attraction to his wife. I met her on their wedding day and I could not deny her beauty or how it captivated me. I could not keep my eyes off her luscious lips or her $exy backside. 
In the two years, they had been married, my physical reaction to her had not been altered. Of course, I did not see her as often as I wanted, but sometimes, Mr James would ask me to go pick her up at her workplace and take her home whenever he had to stay late at the office for meetings. These instances were few and far between. It had probably just happened about five times in the last couple of years.
During those times, I would drive her home in silence but my eyes would often dart to where she sat beside me and I would let my mind roam. She had this tendency to wear short skirts to work so I would entertain myself my watching as her sleek thighs sensually move as I drove. In the 45 minutes or so that it took for me to get her home, my mind would be filled with thoughts of undressing her and burying myself in her hole.
One Monday afternoon, Mr James asked to speak with me. He confessed to me that an ex-girlfriend of his was back in Nigeria for the week. Evidently, they broke up because she had to travel abroad for her Masters. According to him, she had returned and would be going back at the end of the week. She had also expressed an interest in meeting with him and enjoying a few days of fun before she had to go back. 
He talked about how he did not want to let the opportunity pass by so every day after work, that week, he would meet up with her and be there until later in the night when he would go home. He asked if it was possible for me to pick up his wife and take her home all through the week.
My heart leapt with joy. I imagined how wonderful it would be to be in Mr James’ wife’s company every day for a whole week. I immediately agreed.
The first couple of days were pretty uneventful. On Wednesday, I picked her up and noticed that she seemed tensed and unhappy. A few times, she seemed like she wanted to say something but thought the better of it.
When I parked the car in front of her home, she finally turned to me and asked, "he is not really having board meetings after work, is he?"
I opened my mouth, trying to figure out the best way to answer her when she shook her head. "You would not tell me the truth, anyway," then opened the door on her side and climbed out.
I sat where I was parked for a while, contemplating my next move until, finally, I gave up and drove home.
Dropping her off the next day was different. Perhaps it occurred to her that she had exposed too much of herself to me the evening before because she tried to initiate random conversations. She talked about her job and asked about mine. She wanted to know more about me, where I was from, what I did for fun and so on. The conversation left me a little uncomfortable but that changed when I dropped her off and she asked if I wanted to come in.
She offered me some juice and sat by me as we drank. She had that same tensed silence she did the day before when she asked about what her husband really did after work. I knew a bombshell was coming. I was right.
"Why is it only possible for men to have affairs and not for women?" She asked.
I pretended to take another sip of juice, trying to choose my words carefully. There was a lot to gain her if I did.
After a while, I said, "well, women do have affairs too. I know some who do. But most of them do so because something is missing in their marriage."
She looked at me, frowning her face at her words. "What could be missing, though? How does a woman justify stepping out on her husband?"
"Women have needs and once a woman is made to feel less than, made to feel insecure or unattractive, she might choose to find that validation elsewhere. I don’t condone it or anything, but…." I paused, knowing the territory I was about to enter. "… If I had a woman as beautiful and smart as you, the best part of my day would be coming home every day to show her how much I treasure her. So a woman who does not get to feel that way might…" I let the sentence hang.
She smiled at me at the compliment but soon after, she informed me that she had some work stuff to take care of, which I took as my cue to leave.
As I stood up, she came closer and gave me a hug. I felt all my senses begin to buzz as her body pressed against mine and my hands slid to her waist. The hug went on for seconds longer than it should and slowly, I moved my hands towards her ass, enjoying the way the curve felt underneath my palms. I worried that she would move away but she did not. In fact, she moved so close that her B.reasts were pressed tightly against mine.
When we finally parted, she tilted her head up and I leant down, causing my mouth to meet hers. The next couple of minutes were a haze of getting each other’s clothes off, my mouth on her mouth, neck and B.reasts and my hands everywhere. We were soon on the couch, her Nakked body writhing underneath me. I was kissing her and moving my groin against her as my hard cock poked her. Her hands gripped my shoulder and her legs spread. Her eyes begged me to take her but she was to scared to say the words.
Holding my excited cock, I found her entrance and plunged. She cried out and I used my mouth to cover hers, swallowing her sounds. I began to move in and out of her, her warm wetness enveloped me as her pu$$y walls tightened against my d*ck. She began to gyrate her hips gently, making me enter her even deeper as she continued to moan in pleasure.
"Yes… F*ck yeahhh… it has been too long… f*ck me, God, yes…" she was whispering as I went in and out. The way she moaned, the movement of her body against mine and the fact that I had dreamt of this moment for so long made it definite that I would not last long. I made sure to grind against her, rubbing against her clit as I F.ucked, hoping to make her cum before I found my release. I bent my head and took one of her B.reasts in my mouth, sucking the hardened nipple as  I F.ucked her.
Her breath became faster and she threw her head back in bliss. "Yes. Make me cum. Yes. Yes. I am cumming. F*ck! Yes. Ohhh.." she was saying as she got close. I kept on doing what I was doing, urging her to let go until finally, her grip on my shoulder was so tight that her nails dug into my skin and she gave the loudest cry yet, shuddering underneath me.
Watching her cum so hard pushed me over the edge too and I began to ram my cock hard and fast inside her until I was spilling my essence up her wet cunt.
The next day, which was supposed to be the last day I would drive her home, things got even more heated. We did not waste time on the conversation. As soon as we entered her home, clothes came off but this time, she turned her back, held on to the back of the couch and gave me access to her from behind.
I got to pump my cock into her p*ssy as I watched the ass I had spent so long fantasising about. I grabbed her ass cheeks tight as I entered her, again and again. She screamed my name and wiggled her ass against me as I f*cked. Her hand began to tease her clit until she was squirting cum everywhere. After a few minutes, I brought my hands around to hold onto her B00bs as I plunged so deeply and came hard in her.
This was six months ago and we had not seen each other or talked since then. I wondered if we would ever get another chance
Erotic Story: My Boss’ Wife – Nigerian Playboy Narrates S*xual Experienc Erotic Story: My Boss’ Wife – Nigerian Playboy Narrates S*xual Experienc Reviewed by BOMI THOMAS on 03:01 Rating: 5

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