Kidnappers of Lagos schoolgirls drop ransom to N30m

Kidnappers of four students, a teacher and Junior School Principal of Lagos State Model College, Igbonla in Epe, Lagos State have reduced ransom demand to N30 million.

It was gathered the kidnappers had earlier demanded N120 million for release of the victims abducted on Thursday morning.

Theation reports that the N30 million, which amounts to N5million per victim, was reached after several pleas by affected families.

The kidnappers contacted one of the parents and demanded N20million while another was asked to
bring N10million, said one of the affected parents.

It was learnt that not all the families were reached out to by the kidnappers whose number was restricted.

According to the source, they have been able to speak to the children who were reported fine.

He said:
 “We have spoken to them. They are fine and their kidnappers assured us that nothing would happen to them as long as we cooperate and not involve the police.
“Not all families were contacted. They are demanding N30m.”
Another relative, who said her sister was called yesterday, also confirmed they were asked to bring N5million for the release of their loved one.
“When my sister insisted in talking with our relative held captive, they fired a shot and our relative screamed in fear.
“They said that was a warning shot and that it would be made real if we tried to bring in security.”
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