5 Reasons Why Nigerians are Afraid and Don’t Like Donald Trump

Ever wondered why a large population of Nigerians are against or do not like Trump? Here is the answer why Nigerians are afraid of the man who has been elected as U.S President.
US President-elect, Donald Trump
1. He could be a Racist
Trump has said in pretty bad things about blacks and Latinos in the past like when he said that “blacks and Latinos commit majority of crimes in the US”. He was also quoted as saying that he will give white Europeans access to America but not Africans or Latinos who are just south the border. So, we may just have a racist on our hands.
2. Obama does not like him
Obama is probably the most loved American in Nigeria and Africa at large and whatever Obama likes, Africa likes. Since Obama is not fond of Trump, there is no reason Nigerians should be. That is why most Nigerians you come across are rooting for Hillary Clinton despite the scandals that she allegedly has to her name.
3. He is hard against immigration
One very imperative reason why it seems a lot of Nigerians do not like Trump is that they see a trump presidency as one which will be against immigration due to things that he has said. So, both Nigerians already in America and those in Nigeria who have plans of cutting out see his emergence as a threat to their ambition.
4. Negative Views on women
One thing Donald Trump doesn’t have going for him is his $exist views about women. He seems to judge women based on their physical appearance rather than their sense of character. He is alleged to have called women he doesn’t like names such as fat pig, dog, and D!sgust!ng animal.

5. He speaks out of turn
Very unlike Obama, Trump seems not to think before speaking. He doesn’t seem to possess one of the main qualities that endeared Nigerians to Obama (Apart from the fact that he has African ancestry of course). Nigerians think Trump is a talkative and like a lot of talkative, they say what they are not supposed to say.
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