And RMD keeps oppressing young guys!

The veteran actor shared this stylish photo in disappointment of Hillary's loss and said;

"On a day I want to hang my head down in despair, I am reminded tomorrow is 10: 11: 16 and I smile, grateful that even though I will not be sending my daughters the letter I had drafted in anticipation of Mrs Clinton's victory at the polls, I have something to look forward to... I'm still entertaining guesses and No, it's not my birthday or wedding anniversary so be more creative with your guesses...#RMDIsReady #101116 #10Oclock #GetReady#TenElevenSixteen"

I am still waiting for a Naija guy to compete with this grandpa's fashion sense!
And RMD keeps oppressing young guys! And RMD keeps oppressing young guys! Reviewed by BOMI THOMAS on 20:10 Rating: 5

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