Check Out The 6 Types Of Women Nigerian Men Like

According to popular believe, Nigerian men have similar taste in women and those ladies who know this dress in a certain way to catch the big fishes they desire.
Whether is skin complexion or a huge back side, Nigerian men are never hesitant to go after what appeals to them. The qualities they admire might change but sometimes but their innermost desire of the character and features a woman must possess to get their attention stays the same for a long time.
This list reflects the most common features and characteristics Nigerian men like a woman to have.
1. Big B00bs
Maybe it stems from being B.reast fed but most men like B00bs and Nigerian men like huge bosoms in girls. This is evident in how women with big frontage are treated. The popular Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakwu got triple her fan base due to controversial boob pictures she splashes on the internet.
2. Yellow girls
Light-skinned girls are anothe favourite for this group. Light-skinned individuals tend to be more attractive because of their complexion, its n wonder Nigerian men love a clean girl with yellow, spotless body.
3. Cook
The way to a man heart is through his stomach they say, Nigerian men are no exception. Their love for food will make them travel far and wide just to eat a delicacy that is well prepared. You even hear some proclaim loudly, that their attraction for a woman increases if she’s a good cook.
4. Big bo-oty
Big booty aka ukwu is what makes men give out their mansions these days. A girl with humongous ass has a soft place in the heart of these group of people. Most Nigerian songs are dedicated to the overload some women have on their waist. It is a big deal to most Nigerian men and having a big booty increases their level of attraction for a lady.
5. Lady in the street, freak in the sheets
Every guy likes a princess outside but a stripper in the bedroom and Nigerian men love this the most. Maybe it stems from wanting loyalty but once a girl is decent outside but very N@ughty for him in the bedroom; i.e replaying every P0rn move he has ever watched then his love for you will have no end. As long as you don’t share his goodies and you fool the rest of the world into thinking you are a good girl.
6. Rich girls but not richer than them
Independent ladies are admired by Nigerian men. Most of them love a woman that can hold her own, that has her own money and doesn’t have to call like five different men for money before she makes any major move. The only thing, this independent chic shouldn’t be richer than them because then their ego can’t take it. Any argument with him will mean your are disrespecting him because you earn more than him
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