Donald was arrogant,he was insultive,he was abusive,Yet unapologetic


below is what a friend has to say about trump`s victory @Agboh Amaka Catherine posted this on facebook.

You know! All I can say is a big congratulation to Donald Trump election victory. Success I say is for the naive when u dream big and follow it through success will surely come.....To my American friend Shelby,the man that predicted Trump victory even before he emerged in primaries, I say congratulation.To American people; I say to you ! It is your decision not a mistake.......@ least we black we can now appreciate ourselves and learn how to build and develop our country

Donald Trump winning the election...hmmmmmm. Its just destiny. Donald was arrogant.he was insultive.he was abusive. Yet unapologetic.. Still the hand of universal function put him there. Men of God prophesied,political analysts debated,many prayed and cursed and even threatened to go into exile should he win.. YET HE WON. Thats what destiny does. Perhaps the ways of the gods are not the way of mortals afterall. But somebody said God told him otherwise. Pls who really is this being called God? Why does he work against his words? :D .discusion for another day. And for the biafrans that stood firmly for trump despite the bookmakers resentment,congrats. And the muslim world that suddenly prefered a woman to a man being in power even when they themselves will never put woman at highest level of authoruty,get ready... A storm is coming... And for the learned Soyinka who said he is leaving america,waste no time about it. Come back to ur dungeon
Donald was arrogant,he was insultive,he was abusive,Yet unapologetic Donald was arrogant,he was insultive,he was abusive,Yet unapologetic Reviewed by BOMI THOMAS on 15:33 Rating: 5

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