Fayose Blasts Buhari Again, Says INEC Is Now A Branch Of APC


The Governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose has again called out president Buhari and his party yet again. Governor Ayo Fayose lashed out at INEC and described it as a branch of APC and said the votes of Nigerians will no longer count. He condemn the proposed loan the federal government was asking for.
He lamented that the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari will no longer make the votes of Nigerians count. Vanguard reports that the governor made this statement on an Orange FM, Akure programme on Tuesday, November 1. He said:
“INEC has become an extension of the APC and Aso Rock Presidential Villa.” And that Nigerian’s votes will not matter again”.
“Democracy in Nigeria has suffered a serious setback. If the cabal in the APC led federal government believed that they have defeated the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) through their manipulation of the electoral process, they should be reminded that they can never defeat the people.”
“This is not democracy. INEC said they did not recognise the Ibadan primary election that produced Jimoh Ibrahim, now the same INEC says he is the candidate. What is it that has changed? “Isn’t it now safe to say that INEC was actually bribed $1m to allow Jimoh Ibrahim to play the spoiler role that he is playing? “Isn’t this development a vindication of my position that other political parties and stakeholders are now contesting election against INEC?”
He however called on Nigerians not to lose hope adding that “You cannot hide behind a finger. This is a phase that will pass, 24 hours is a long time in politics.” On the issue of the proposed loan the federal government was trying to get, Fayose said it would destroy the country. He said:
“That $29.9 billion loan will ruin Nigeria permanently. “This government met $28.4 billion in our Foreign Reserve and has depleted it to $24 billion. “The same government that has reduced our foreign reserve to $24 billion is now going to borrow $29.9 billion when the country is already indebted to the tune of $11 billion and it is servicing debt with about 30 percent of its monthly income. “If with $11 billion debt, 30 percent of the federal government income is being used to service debt, how much will be used to service debt when another $29.9 billion debt is added? How can Nigeria survive when more than 75 percent of its income is being used to service debt?”
Fayose Blasts Buhari Again, Says INEC Is Now A Branch Of APC Fayose Blasts Buhari Again, Says INEC Is Now A Branch Of APC Reviewed by BOMI THOMAS on 22:38 Rating: 5

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