Racy/nude photos of young female minister uncovered

Racy pictures of a pretty 24-year-old have been posted on the web, sparking a scandal her recent appointment.

The political chiefs in Ukraine have defended their appointment of the young lady, Fashionista Anastasia Deeva who was recently been named Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, after 'pornographic' photographs of her were shared online.

Some of the photographs show the young woman with her breasts exposed while others appear to be pornographic.

Other pictures seem to show her naked or wearing only underwear.

However, her bosses have defended their decision to appoint her, saying Deeva has plenty of political experience and claiming the photographs are fake.

Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, Deeva's boss, said:
“I personally know Anastasia Deyev. 
Her task is to help the Minister of the interior, to do everything possible to support America, Japan and other countries, which help us in carrying out reforms, not reduce, but increase, their knowledge, experience, charisma.”

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