Why Live Casino Is A Game Changer

Live casino games are becoming more and more popular online. No longer do we need to leave our houses to enjoy a professional real life casino experience. Here’s why Live Casino is such a game changer.

Casinos have been offering their games online for many years now. In fact, there is a whole new generation of casinos that operate online only. But no games seem to bring as much fun as the ones with live croupiers.

What makes live casino games stand out? 5 things:


1. Online gaming is becoming social too

Although online gaming can be just as much fun by yourself as it is when played with others, most people tend to like a little bit of both. Casino games are no different than other online games in that sense.

All types of online games are including more and more social elements to increase the fun. This is often done by offering the opportunity to race, play or bet together with friends. Or by including social competitions and rankings. In many games you can collect points for example to get to certain game levels and share your latest accomplishments with other players.

Live Casino often offers the possibility to chat both with the croupiers and your fellow players. And even just seeing others play along, makes the game a little bit more exciting. You can almost feel the excitement of the others who are joining you at the table for your favorite game of blackjack, poker or roulette.

2. Gaming with a personal touch

Even though playing online is still an anonymous activity, also for live casinos, the live games do manage to give the whole experience a more personal touch.

When you log in and play on a certain table you will meet different croupiers, who will all give you a personal welcome and will congratulate you on your winnings.

And if you wish to chat and tell the dealers something about yourself, you can. If you’re having a nice chat, they’ll surely remember it next time you join their table!

3. A truly professional environment

Live casinos offer the players the opportunity to see exactly what it going on on the casino floor. They can see the croupiers dealing the cards and spinning the ball real time. This gives the player the security that the games are offered on a professional and honest manner.

If you ever join one of the live casino games at Kroon Casino, you will notice there are strict rules which the dealers abide by. Should anything ever go wrong – e.g. if the dealer accidentaly drops a card or hits the spinning wheel – the round will be stopped by a casino manager and replayed.

Live casino games are often streamed from a real landbased casino. This takes the experience to another level as it truly endulges the player in the casino world. It almost feels as though you are actually there.

4. Online companies need a face too

As our worlds are becoming more and more virtually oriented in general, online companies looking for new ways to give their company or brand a face too.

We all still like to know who we are dealing with. Who is there on the other end of our internet connection? The live casino offers the opportunity to players to see the people who are working at the casino of their choice. This gives a sense of security and familiarity.


5. Next generation online entertainment

Video entertainment is the new normal form of content online. You can see this trend on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and many other social networks and sites of providers of online services or products.

Video content used to be used for certain specific goals only and mostly created by companies and brands with big budgets for it. Or by mainstream media. These days, with increasingly fast internet connections everywhere and lots of people owning smartphones with decent quality cameras, it’s the new norm.

Online casinos obviously can not stay behind. Users expect and deserve to get the best possible entertainment online. Live Casino offers gamers a state of the art combination new technologies. Live video streaming, live chat and live betting or playing all in one.

The different providers of live casino tables often organise exclusive promotions to further enhance the level of entertainment. Sometimes you can find special guests spinning the roulette wheel. Sometimes you can win special prices. And often the dealers will be dressed up to match the theme of the promotion. It’s basically live interactive TV 2.0.

What do you think could be the next big thing? 3D animated roulette perhaps? Virtual reality blackjack maybe?

Kroon Casino will keep you posted!
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