Must Read!! How To Make It As A Rap Artist In Nigeria (Don’t Be Left Out On This!!)

Some days ago, popular rap artist yung6ix tweeted ‘There were no good rappers in Nigeria except for himself’.
Albeit it was an ambiguous tweet, he certainly had a point or two.
The Nigerian music industry is bizarrely deviating from rap.
Artists in the country feel it’s a total waste of time, in fact many Nigerian rappers have diverted from rapping to singing.
Can we say rap music is outdated and does not sell in Nigeria? Nope.
Artists like M.I made it in rap, Olamide did, Vector too, among others.
So if you want to make it as a top top rapper in Nigeriabelow are the things you need to do:
It is with utmost disdain when I listen to hardcore lyrics on a poor beat.
Just because you have “barz” for days doesn’t mean people will automatically like your song.
Pick a great and wonderful beat and lace it with some brilliant lyrics, but be careful, there is nothing more annoying than when you hit punch lines from the start to the end of a song.
Give your punch lines time to sink into the listeners mind, and then follow them up with some simple lyrics.
I chuckle when I see criticism of rapper Olamide singing instead of rapping.
Olamide is simply showing people how versatile he can be- there is nothing wrong if as a rapper you can make RnB songs or party songs.
Being versatile gives you an edge over others.
You wonder why foreign rappers like J.cole and Kendrick Lamar are very successful? Well it is because “they always pass a message” in their songs.
Sometimes, the message they are passing might not be inspiring: I once heard an erotic rap song of J.cole based on sex, however, it was enjoyable because the message or intent of the song made sense.
Don’t just spit useless “barz”, tell a story with your rap, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with punch lines, but just make sure you are passing a message.
There is nothing more interesting  when two rappers go against each other using lyrical content.
I’m not saying you should go around beefing everybody, but you should never run away from a fight.
Controversies is just one of the many ways to gain attention in the music industry, but don’t take it too far and don’t beef someone you know is way ahead of you, you cant just wake up one day and decide you want to beef Vector Tha Viper, he will just end your career, not because he is better than you but because he has more fans..
Written by a Naijalodite
Do you agree with this list? Drop your comments!!

Must Read!! How To Make It As A Rap Artist In Nigeria (Don’t Be Left Out On This!!) Must Read!! How To Make It As A Rap Artist In Nigeria (Don’t Be Left Out On This!!) Reviewed by BOMI THOMAS on 22:28 Rating: 5

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