Guys!! Checkout The 6 Ways To Get Her To Have Séx With You

Guys, you meet a girl you are interested in, it is obvious she is feeling you too and you have been cracking your head on how to get her in your bed without looking desperate or like you just want s3x with her.
“The thing is, if you wait too long, you might lose your chance and she will focus on another guy, but if you go too fast, you might look desperate and she will stay away from you”.
How then do you seduce her without looking desperate and losing her? Below are some tips to help you out.
One thing you need most with any woman is patience, don’t get too physical with her from the start. Let her get a sense of belonging with you, let her be safe with you, don’t rush or force her into anything, this will increase your chances with her and make her want you more.
A woman will enjoy your company more when you both have a common ground, when she knows you both have something in common you can also talk on or share ideas on, she will always want to be around you thereby getting attached to you.
Anytime you both agree it’s time for her to visit your place, be prepared anything can happen. Be sure to set the atmosphere right, clean up your room ,play romantic music, make sure to set everything right to make her stay comfortable and make her relaxed. At the end of the day, you might ending up not having s3x with her that day but setting the mood right is the first step and she will end up visiting more and more, till she agrees to get down with you.
As women, we like guys that are confident. Note, confident not rude or arrogant, so be confident in yourself and she will get attracted to you.
One major way to get a woman to relax around you is to laughter, make her laugh whenever you are together and she will be very comfortable around you.
Everything is step by step, so don’t jump into conclusion when she is finally comfortable around you that she wants s3x. Test the waters with your legs first before jumping in which means start slowing, you can start with body contacts, stealing kisses etc then if she doesn’t resist you can push further into foreplay, don’t try rushing the foreplay to let her body and mind be ready for you.
P:S: Even if she goes along with the foreplay and she says stop when you initiate s3x fully, my brother biko stop and wait till when she is ready for you, a matured and responsible man should never force a woman to have s3x with him.

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