The 8 Ball Experience' By 'D.A' Is Finally Out Now!

The 8 Ball Experience' By 'D.A' Is Finally Out Now!

D.A is a professional multi-talented, multi-genre music artist, singer, rapper, producer, songwriter, and studio engineer who grew up in Lagos Nigeria. He then relocated to Germany Wuppertal where his musical career first began after visiting a music studio. D.A then decided that music is where his passion fully is. He relocated again in 2008 to London, United kingdom with his family where he begins his musical career full time learning music production to the core. He performed in school concerts, shows across London in major venues including the O2 Arena, Afrobeat Festival concerts in HMV Apollo, Ritz Academy and many more. At some point in his career he also was a DJ on a radio show, and he had his own show in 2010/2011 called 'The Youth Info Show' educating like minded people like him on positive movements in the United Kingdom. D.A is a graduate in Computer Systems Engineering, and he is now dedicated to his creative arts. He is making the world a better place with his story by creating more positive movements for so many people. His vision is to make the Earth a better World under God with his passion. D.A released 'The 8 Ball Experience' EP to the music industry on 01/Dec/2015 which is live on major digital and streaming stores such as iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Rhapsody, Shazam, Groove and many more . This EP is loaded with original stories about various events which occurred in his life, and he is sharing it with the world so people can learn from his mistakes and improve themselves to be more self sufficient and be more Godly minded.

Track List

Track 1 - On God
Track 2 - Ghetto Lows
Track 3 - Mogbe
Track 4 - Beauty and the Beast
Track 5 - Want More
Track 6 - They Want Me
Track 7 - God Bless My Family

Track 8 - TKO
Track 9 - Actualizer

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The 8 Ball Experience' By 'D.A' Is Finally Out Now! The 8 Ball Experience' By 'D.A' Is Finally Out Now! Reviewed by Moyinoluwa Ogunleye on 15:27 Rating: 5

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