'You should have killed Churchill when you had that gun' - Kemi Olunloyo writes Tonto Dikeh; Tonto replies

Kemi Olunloyo has told Tonto Dikeh she should have killed her estranged husband, Churchill Olakunle when she had that gun in Ghana for allegedly abusing her.

You recall Ghanaian police had yesterday read out a report where they said, in a fit of anger, Tonto Dikeh allegedly destroyed property at her husband's house worth $15,000 dollars and waved a gun at Churchill's staff. This happened before Tonto wedded her now estranged husband.

According to Kemi, from a woman who also suffered domestic violence, (pictured above), to another,  Tonto should have shot Churchill when she had the chance. Kemi wrote on Instagram:
THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO @TONTOLET #tontodikeh from a bold, brave, transparent woman. 
Like #ArethaFranklin and #WhitneyHouston sang "I'm every woman, it's all in me"..the reason I brand myself as the most intelligent woman in Nigeria is simple. I do what
others are SCARED to do. 
I'm proud of myself, never been married, probably never will. I have written on Facebook that if I marry it will be for money and never love and that's why billionaire #Bauchi Forex prince Ahmed Makama said he wasn't giving up on me cos he's been after me since our London school days when I was 17yo and he was 19. 
Today Makama is 55yo and married with lots of grown kids and grandkids and wants a second wife. I will never be THE SECOND WIFE or be in a polygamous relationship. Even his Hausa wife is "excited to have me join as wife #2". 
I illustrated this beating around the bush to u @tontolet because I wanted to show the upcoming ones that many things attract us to marriage. Money, status looks etc. 
Regarding Churchill, YOU SHOULD HAVE KILLED HIM while you had the GUN! I'm a gun violence activist. I promote guns for protection not for slaughtering, assassinations etc. It is to protect u from the bad elements. 
As a social critic and investigative journalist ppl were waiting for my view. I was still investigating @zukiliciouz interview and your write ups. 
When I posted my #domesticviolence pics on Facebook 2013 with my entire hand in a man's mouth bitten like an animal, my head busted with a pipe, people were shocked. Men glorified it...Kemi must have done the man wrong. 
These pics b4 and after the hospital emergency room taken by @BaltimorePolicedepartment Offc Ronald Roberts in his police car. 
Ladies keep all photos, don't keep silent. My ex fiance's family kept telling me to stay that things will improve. Its a vicious cycle. In America I was allowed to protect myself...WITH A GUN! Its legal. 
Hon Jibrin @abdulabmj said put up a strong resistance. How in Nigeria? Have a weapon READY ladies and protect ur legal rights! Bad men will KILL U FIRST! #RIP to all the women that died in the struggle.
My domestic abuse story happened when I was 27yo and 9mos pregnant. My baby was induced meaning REMOVED from the womb immediately to save him in case I lost more blood in the trauma. 
Barely a month after he was born, another assault and I was coughing up blood from a severely bruised nose and throat cos I didn't cook rice for dinner and I opened FIRE! 
I will be 53 yo and remain single to this day and posess an extremely aggressive and assertive personality. I will never entertain the bullshit act of domestic violence ever again. 
My son is now an adult. Told by his dad that I bruised myself then reported to police. See denial? I kept every police report and it's in a database @baltimorepolice HQ. Something NPF doesn't have. 
NPF does not involve themselves in domestic situations. They only come to pick up YOUR BODY. Here in Oyo state, Ajimobi passed a LAW on DV. Huge jail terms ~ 30 years. C: @tontolet
tontoletThanks mama
'You should have killed Churchill when you had that gun' - Kemi Olunloyo writes Tonto Dikeh; Tonto replies 'You should have killed Churchill when you had that gun' - Kemi Olunloyo writes Tonto Dikeh; Tonto replies Reviewed by prince crown on 08:42 Rating: 5

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