3 Things That Make Women Addicted To Men Like Crazy

Basing your relationship with a woman on other things without these three factors is like fishing in shallow waters.
For a long time, men, young and old, have always wondered what women really want.
Saying every woman wants a handsome, good-looking man attracts the kind of reaction you get for saying men only want $ex from women.
You also can’t say they just want to get nice things and be pampered. They are also not so moved by social status and wealth. Only golddiggers are all about that.
Women like and value these things, they really do, but basing your relationship with a woman on just these factors is like fishing in shallow waters.
At the core of a woman’s true existence is the need for deep emotional intimacy, and that is just one of the truest things that keep them hooked to you the way a crackhead is obsessed with meth, heroine and other substances that make them higher than kilimanjaro.
Find below the three things that women are most addicted to.
1. Loyalty
Everyone knows how hard it is to locate loyalty these days, especially in men and for this reason, if you can project a charisma and back it up with loyalty and unfaithfulness to stick with her exclusively, she’ll be locked down with you, man, best believe that.
Women are more trusting, often willing to love with the whole of what they’ve got and loyalty is one of the things that assures them that they are not mistaken in giving you the whole of themselves.
Once they can ascertain that, the likelihood that they’ll leave is pretty low.
2. Confidence
Nothing looks as sexy on a man as confidence. An undeniable swagger and an aura proceeds from you and commands respect and admiration.
There is a thin line between this and pomposity and only a very few know how to sublimely maneuver that line.
The moment you are able to perfect this and you become able to converse, carry yourself and relate in this manner, best believe it, women would be stuck to you like steel to a magnet.
3. Good $ex
Some might want to argue with the validity of this, but it is every bit solid as the other two points above.
If amazing, spine-tingling $ex is added to your confidence and loyalty, the formula becomes complete and she’ll be addicted to you like crack.
While some might argue that wealth might be a better substitute for one of these three points, all you need do is look around you and see the number of people who aren’t rich but are stuck together in real love.
That tells you that wealth or lack of it does not really weigh on the hearts of women when they’re truly, really falling in love.
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