[A Must Read] – Top 4 Lies Men Tell To Get S3x From Women!

When a man’s organ is hungry, there is just about no lie he can’t tell. In fact, a man who really wants to have s3x with the object of his affection can lie that he is God if he thinks that will get him laid. Ladies have received earfuls of lies that will make you shrink mouth ajar.
Here are 4 of them:

1. “I’m already erect. I’ll suffer pains.” :
A desperate guy can use his erection as an excuse to get laid. Truly an erection left unrelieved can hurt, but not so hard that he NEEDS to have s3x – unless of course he has used performance enhancers already
2. “I love you.” :

This is the big one that seems to work many times. Knowing that s3x for women is as emotional as it is physical, men lie that they are in love, thereby appealing to the woman’s soft side.
3. “I’m a virgin:

” Yeah, men are virgins too! More than a few guys have played that card. They will say they want the lady in question to help them get over the virginity. It just might be true though.
4. “You’re the only one I’m seeing.”
This is another one that works many time. The guy tried to make the women believe that there is no one else, hence the need to be fully committed and let him have a bite of the honeycomb.
lolsss….I hope i don’t get smacked by some guys up here who may think i have just exposed their secretes to all the
Its Saturday lets have some fun…winks. Unlike women who lie to protect the man’s ego, men lie mainly to appeal to the emotions of women. It is more like a shortcut to a woman’s heart as a means to get pity s3x.

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