MUST SEE: The 5 Common Problems In Every Relationship

In anyway or the other, there will always be a problem in relationship.
Naijaloaded list out some of the problems in every relationship.
Here they are:
1. Lack of communication: In the beginnings of it, communication is sweet and you can’t get enough of each other. But a little bit down the road complacency sets in and you get to the stage where whatever the other person has to say is no longer an interesting.
2. Trust: Well, there’s not so much to say about trust and loyalty. It is either present in your relationship or it isn’t.
3. Jealousy and Insecurity: This is a terrible whirlwind to find yourself caught in. The moment you find that you’re being made to feel insecure in a relationship then there’s a problem which you and your partner need to face and address.
4. Loss of s3x drive: Early on in the relationship, you are tearing at each other every second you get. Yet, as with most things in life it can later get a bit boring and the s3x becomes a chore rather than exciting. Well, all you need to do in this scenario is to be more adventurous with your s3x life and you’ll soon see yourselves hitting on each other like a pair of frisky bunnies.
5. Money: It becomes a problem to not have enough money to maintain happiness in your relationship. This problem is magnified out of proportion when your friends seem to be packing more than you are. It gets better when you realise you have way more money than all of your friends.
And then you can be happy with each other which sounds funny but is always true.
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