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Where Are The Guys! Read These 4 Simple Tested Tips To Make A Nigerian Lady Fall For You

Simple Tested Tips Make Nigerian Lady Fall For You
People always assume ladies are hard nuts to crack. truth is some are very impossible or almost impossible to get. You can get the lady you want with this simple tips.
Ladies love to play the hard to get role and most times, guys feel they are below the league. Stress no further, try these simple tested tips.
1. Be subtle– You can’t want to get a girl or lady without exhibiting some levels of romance. Some guys are so hard when it comes to expressions of feelings. To the simplest text messages, it is difficult for some. Show you love her.
2. Be Spontaneous– Truth is ladies love to be pampered and they get tired of routines. Don’t do same thing all over again. You could organize a romantic date, dinner, make dinner for her in n bed, explore new places, new styles. Go see movies together and maybe text her while she is with you. Be as pleasant as possible.

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3. Be Open– Ladies love when they are with guys that make them feel comfortable. There is actually no point trying to form for a lady you are trying to get her attention. Be yourself, be honest. No faking attitudes. Don’t go out of your way to please her. Don’t start what you can’t finish. Let her see you for who you truly are. I know some ladies prefer guys that lies and all that, but as much as possible, be real.
4. Be romantic– Gosh ladies love romance. Ladies can deal with a guy that is unnecessarily boring. A bit of romance does not kill. If she is the type that loves attention and maybe romance, touch her and make her feel happy. say sweet words to her. Many ladies are easily moved by what they hear first, touch her heart first with gifts, nice words,
5. Pamper her– there is no crime in spoiling the lady you love. Get her gifts like chocolates, wine, perfumes, dresses, shoes and so on. If are capable, throw her a surprise birthday party, kiss her in public, let her friends envy her. Take her to a spa, let her get her nails fixed and feel good.

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