GUYS CORNER! How Does A Man Truly Express His Love For His Woman? [18+ ONLY]

Do you know that in the romance dictionary of women,a man’s love expression is defined as “an act of care and sexual faithfulness towards his woman” and I guess I personally don’t have issues with this but the question is “for how long shall we continue to lie to ourselves just to create an artificial happiness?
I watched a video file where a lady was trying to outsmart her co-debaters and she reiterated what i have always maintained that men are natural polygamist.
According to her and also and my candid opinion,monogamy and fidelity for men are unnatural situations forced down our throats by religious beliefs and societal pressures and once you take out these two factors,all men will cheat because by nature,men are polygamous and that definition of love expression above is for the women especially that part of sexual faithfulness.
Before the ladies ask for my head,I want to point out that this write up has nothing to do with sexism,mysoginy or gender superiority but it is a fact every reasonable lady must calmly accept or be forced to accept and I will explain…
By God’s grand design,sex is mainly for procreation and every other reason is Jara. Now a man can produce over 300million sperm cells in one healthy drop each time he makes love and each of these sperm cells could ferterlize 300 million female eggs but here is the catch….in most cases,a woman can only produce ONE EGG in one whole month during her ovulation period.

Frankly put,Men ovulate everyday and can conveniently ferterlize over 90 random ladies in one month if he makes love to 3 different healthy ovulating ladies each day of the month and in most cases,a lady can only get pregnant during her ovulation period and by just that one man whose sperm fertilizes that one egg or even eggs as the case may be…
This means just about 40men can impregnate all the women in the world if each of the over 300million sperm cells per drop of semen is inoculated each day into different ovulating ladies.
This simple natural biological grand design of GOD is a strong pointer to the fact that men are indeed polygamous by nature and any lady who frowns at this fact is either naive,immature or simply looking for ways to remain unhappy.
So this brings me to the subject matter…”how does a man truly express his love for his woman”?
The answer is very simple…BY CARING AND PROVIDING FOR HER WITHIN HIS AFFORDABLE RESOURCES…anything else is an aberation. ..little wonder why most mature ladies of marriageable age naturally prefer men who can conviniently provide their needs regardless of their marital status over poor dudes who are sexually faithful to them
The act of sexual faithfulness from a man to a woman is a choice and yes many men including myself may choose to be but it must never be expected as a status quo or norm for everyman in love meaning if a man decides to be polygamous,the woman in his life should take fate or leave to remain unmarried and not foolishly seek for a faithful man cos by nature….there is hardly one sexually faithful man out there.
So as a lady,when next you are asked if you man loves you,don’t ever judge his love by his sexual faithfulness to you but by how deep he cares for you within his affordable resources cos a man can deeply love you and still marry another lady let alone cheat on you..
This write up is not in support of sexual recklessness. A real man and a responsible one should have sexual discipline but this is one fact our ladies need to know and must be prepared for.
I definitely know this makes sense.


GUYS CORNER! How Does A Man Truly Express His Love For His Woman? [18+ ONLY] GUYS CORNER! How Does A Man Truly Express His Love For His Woman? [18+ ONLY] Reviewed by Moyinoluwa Ogunleye on 16:58 Rating: 5

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