"I give you 24hours to issue an apology" A.C.E Ondo journalist warns Mayorkun

Few days ago, I came across a post on Facebook from Adeyemi college of Education number one journalist EMMA TALLEST DARALOYE saying "mayorkun, ola dipps and others to storm ADEYEMI COLLEGE OF
EDUCATION for oluwakassy's show later this month" But I was surprise this afternoon when I saw a series of posts on Facebook and Twitter with the hastag #MayorkunReverseYourWord"so I started reading those post to see what had really happened then I discovered that mayorkun has been so rude and disrespectful to the foremost Teachers Training College and the arbicans believe he deserves to issue an apology for his words.

Below are some copies of posts and letters to the eleko crooner from concerned arbicans

Mayorkun: Pride Goes Before A Fall

Emma Tallest Daraloye

While Mayorkun was studying at University of Lagos, he once went to the Library,the conversation between him and the Libarian goes thus...

Mayorkun: Good Morning sir, have been reading this book since last week and all I see are names of people, date and signature.

Librarian: Ode, Stupid Boy, so you were the one who took our Library register, we have been looking for it...


Guy, how far, how you dey? How your life? How is Sade and your mummy Iya Eleko, hope they are ok?

Learnt you mis talk, I hear sey you call Adeyemi college of education local, that we are a common COE, I don't want to believe it my brother, whether true or not, am giving you just 24 hours to deny or accept this allegation.

Oga Ade,Oya come, who sabi you for music industry sef? after Eleko, don't you know you have been struggling to make wave again, even your Sade No Move pass Obiano shop for Alaba Market.

If not for wetin you and your boss Davido do on top Eleko, you think sey the tin go move? How una go buy YouTube video views, many thanks to Pulse TV Victor Osagie who exposed your antics. Just to blow, after the blow wetin we see?

If we are looking for a One Hit Artiste in the Nigeria Music world, you are number one, after your Song Eleko , you struggle sotey na Another person song you dey sing as Cover, you even do video on top am, Aiye ma le, dem don get you at last.

Learnt you said Adeyemi was NOT a Federal school, guy, you too dull, even if you no go school, Google dey dia, it will enlightened you. For your info, Adeyemi is Nigeria Premiere Teacher training Institute founded in 1964 owned by the Federal Government

A school that has produced a lot of elites, creme de LA crème, the society heavy weight, crowd Pullers and Shakers, even your ancestor can testify to this.

Even though your Manager has called saying one Gibberish which I don't want to believe, you still have 24 hours to explain yourself whether you said it or Not.

In case you Never hear:

If you are reading this, kindly lets disturb this boy,he was called for a show in Adeyemi and all he could say was that the Adeyemi was too local, Not a federal school and a Common college of education.

Use the Hastag


Let's disturb this boy.

J T Ayoride oluwatobiloba wrote this as well


When a child does not know that he does not know that he does not know that he does not know, he calls fire flower. Mayourkoun has really made a big mistake. He has erred. And as Teachers, Arbicans will teach him. How could he have known that ACE is a federal school when all he has in his head is shaft from maize. Do you even know

Dibu Ojerinde was here

Oluremi Tinubu was Here

Olukoya Ogen was here

Amb Wale ojo Lanre was here

Mama kofoworola was here

Dr smiles was here

Many great people were here.

You can't know

Your hagiographic self-proclaimed head can not comprehend the place of teachers in a child's life.

I don't blame you.

I blame the system that give credence to the likes of trash you sing. I cease to believed you composed that song.

Emma Tallest Daraloye

Akinwole Kazeem Zinwestta

Please yarn him make him hear say ADEYEMI is a federal school oooo. He no know. And as good teachers, we don't abandon our students. #MayourkunReverseYourWords

Elroy Akinduyo also vex his anger and wrote this to the Sade singer


#mayorkunabi wetin dem dey call you, if no be say money miss road you wey ya teeth be like rake sef dey abuse A.C.E.....you jst wan hear ur biography again,

u tried banking e no work out, u switched to music, d music sef u no sabi beta lyrics, mak we start wit LOVE YOU TIRE "see the queue nibi ti won tin ta indomine" how that one take relate with love? were you drunk when you were writing that song?. SADE "oro mi o gbe jo lo bami gbowo mi padi" just look at your first line very very terrible, it doesn't even relates with the song.

Though we are not disappointed with your reaction it's because you are a baby (mayorkun baby) and when a baby starts talking, he starts by mumbling out nonsense.

Finally my advise to you is just quit music bro because we nigerians are tired of the noise you make all around with your useless and same beat songs.





"I give you 24hours to issue an apology" A.C.E Ondo journalist warns Mayorkun "I give you 24hours to issue an apology" A.C.E Ondo journalist warns Mayorkun Reviewed by BOMI THOMAS on 18:20 Rating: 5

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