This Is Not Nice O!! My Experience At A Jehovah’s Witness Wedding – Woman Opens Up

A Facebook user, identified as Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna took to the platform to narrate the annoying experience she had at a Jehovah’s Witness wedding.


According to her, her neighbor over-hyped how the wedding was going to be, but they ended up disappointed when food didn’t get to them after all the struggle, and also how they didn’t accept the gift they presented.

She wrote:-

“Please if you’re my friend and you attend Jehovah’s witness, biko don’t ever open that your mouth you use in eating sharwarma or drinking orijin to invite me to your wedding, because I won’t come! Im not joking! Ho Ha!!!

Jesu! That was how my neighbour invited me and my friends to her wedding o. You need to see how this babe finished hyping the kain event sef. She even told us not to eat, that she will take care of our ‘food needs’ o. Okay!

On behalf of me and my friends, I told her we might not be able to meet up with the whole church serenren, but we will come for the reception Babe agreed

So me and my friends contributed money to buy her a nice wedding gift. See broke me. I even gave my last card. Kai!

After they were done with church wedding na, we got the information, and headed straight for the reception hall. On getting there, we discovered that the food and drinks were under over beefed security o. Very tight sontin! We were waiting for them to share food.

Omo, no show o. See us that came hungry! I wan die!

We waited and waited and waited. Not just us o. Other people also that came to the reception venue too were waiting. Nothing! You can’t even look the people in charge of the food in the face. Very unfriendly specie!

All my attempts to smile at one brother and form fine girl failed woefully. Brother wasn’t moved. At a point I started thinking he was either gay or castrated.

Imagine me! I even cut eye for brother, yet no show. I failed. As in correct F9 wey dem use red biro write o. Tueh!!

So eventually, the people who went to church. started arriving gradually. Chairs started getting filled up. The unfriendly caterers started loosening up, as they greeted their fellow church members. O chi’m! How did I forget I wasn’t a member if the Kain church.

Then something funny happened. These people brought out list of names o. No jokes! and started sharing rice according to positions.

Firstly, they served all the Elders, in no particular order. Elder Johnson, Elder Vincent, Elder nkea, na Elder nkeozo. Tufia!

By the time they were done with the elders, we were almost dead. My belle don dey tell me how far. I looked at my neighbor, Aunty throway face. Issorite! God dey!

Then they started dishing out food to their church members. Coman see aroma everywhere. It wasn’t funny o. My friends were practically sulking ! See painment. Kai!


And these their church members sef were not even helping matters Very wicked set of human beings! You need to see how they were just tearing the meat and emptying their bottles of soft drinks without conscience. At a point, I started feeling like they were doing it on purpose, so that our throat will long well well and fall ontop ground.

Let me drop my pen here… The Show continues tomorrow.
This Is Not Nice O!! My Experience At A Jehovah’s Witness Wedding – Woman Opens Up This Is Not Nice O!! My Experience At A Jehovah’s Witness Wedding – Woman Opens Up Reviewed by Moyinoluwa Ogunleye on 07:40 Rating: 5

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